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Here is a list of Events we will be hosting or attending this year! We will update as we go so don't forget to 'Subscribe' to keep updated!

May 17th, 2019

Bark For Life of Franklin County

Bark For Life of Franklin County is a noncompetitive walk for dogs and owners to participate in! This event will raise money for the American Cancer Society! It takes place at the Collins Perley Sports Center, in St. Albans, VT! Join us for the walk, there will also be raffles, music, games, food and more!

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Wag It Forward: A Festival for Pets

Do you love pets? Are you passionate about our community? After a 3-year hiatus from the incredibly successful Shelburne Museum Goes to the Dogs event, we’re back and hope to be better than ever. This year, instead of planning our 4th annual in-house ‘Wag It Forward’ giving event, we’re creating a festival you won’t want to miss. On Sunday, October 8th, join all of us, the community and their pets at ‘Wag It Forward: A Festival for Pets” held at the Champlain Valley Exposition.

Check Out Our FAQs

What information do I need from my Vet?

Proof of Vaccination for
Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
Canine Influenza (Strongly Reccomended, Not Required)
Any additional health information.

What if my dog has special needs?

We offer special handling for dogs with special needs such as isolated areas. This might include older dogs that don't want to play as much, more aggressive dogs that don't play well with others, a dog with a non-contagious health condition that needs extra attention, or even a female dog in season ( if arranged in advance). Older or sick dogs usually spend the day in our office with our staff.

What should I bring with my dog?

Dogs should arrive on a leash
Enough food for the duration of your dog's stay with us
Favorite treats
A towel or blanket with your scent to keep your dog relaxed
If you don't bring anything we have bedding here for all of our guests to use!

What if my dog is on medication?

Bring enough medication for the length of your dogs' stay and we will carefully administer it based on your instructions.

How old does my dog need to be to stay here?

We care for any age dog, but the dog must be old enough to be protected by its vaccines. Please check with your vet to confirm that vaccines for puppies are administered far enough in advance to be effective.

What if my dog needs to be seen by a vet while staying with you?

We will take your dog to the vet and we will make every effort to bring your pet to their usual vet. We will contact you and keep you updated on your pet's health. The vet will bill you when you return.


3380 Berkshire Center Road Enosburg Falls, Vermont 05450



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