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Dog Groomer
Meet Our Groomer

Christina Hale, Owner & Certified Groomer

Christina is the owner of The Bed and Biscuit, and she is a Certified Groomer. With years of experience caring for people's pets. She creates a safe environment for all the dogs she cares for. She will not just groom your pet, she will teach you how to care for you pet's coat at home. She believes that helping the you, makes your dog a happier, healthier companion.

Grooming Information

All clients are required to be on a 4, or 8-week schedule, with a signed contract for the continued health and safety of your pets.


For dogs who don’t require “regular” haircuts (this applies to low maintenance Golden retrievers, Australian shepherds, German Shepherds etc. not for full cuts like poodles, doodles, shih tzus etc.) I offer a 12-week schedule. 

This structure ensures you always have a spot on my schedule, and your dogs coat condition remains healthy, and mat free! 

Contact me today if you are interested in getting in my book! Once spots are filled that's it.

Thanks for submitting!

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