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New Customer Training Information

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Dogs Info

My dog is:

Medical Information


Is your dog Crate Trained?
Is your dog reliably house trained?
Does your dog eat all of their food each meal?
Does your dog eat fast?
What time(s) do you feed your dog?
Do you have a Fenced in yard?
Is it an electric fence?
What tools do you use to walk your dog? (check all that apply)

Training History

Past Training (check all that apply)
If you attended a group class did you complete the course?
Training Methods Used (check all that apply)
Check the behavior(s) your dog knows, when you don't have a treat in you hand.
Check all behaviors that apply to your dog:
Has your dog ever bitten anyone?
Has your dog bitten another animal?
What Program(s) intrest you the most?

Thank you for taking the time to complete this form, your answers will allow me to serve you better. I will review and reach out to set up a consultation.

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