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Structured Daycare

Our Daycare program is a "structured daycare" meaning we incorporate training in with our daycare along with play! This way we are creating dogs who know how to properly socialize, how to calm in exciting situations, and how to rest no matter what is going on! We also have a 2.5 acre fenced in field!

This means you get not only a physically tired dog from play, but you also get a dog who is mentally tired as well! 

Though we do training during the daycare program, this is NOT a replacement for training, if your dog needs training we have options for that also! 

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Daycare Evaluation

Once you contact us, and we get all the vaccinations, we will set up a Daycare Evaluation on a Monday or Friday. When a dog comes in for an evaluation we will be evaluating, how they interact with other dogs, how they respond to leash pressure, if they are respectful of space, and more. We will decide if we need more time, some dogs who are nervous may need an additional day. We really want to ensure your dog will be a good fit for our program! 


Discuss With Owner

We will have a discussion with you if we think your dog would be a good fit we talk about availability and set you up on a schedule! 

If your dog requires some work before they can be accepted into our daycare program then we will discuss that with you, and we will give you some information on our training options! 

If we feel your dog may not be a good fit, we will discuss with you, training options are always open, but for the safety of everyone we are selective in the pups we take on. 


What is needed and Expectations

Once your dog is accepted into our daycare program here we set them up with the number of days a week you'd like to have them come. For consistency we require the same days each week. We will be working on all of the above things with your pup at daycare. 

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Dog's Portrait
calm dogs at dog daycare


All daycare dogs must be up to date on Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccinations. 

If over one year of age, they must be spayed/neutered

Dogs under one year don’t have to be, however females can be in daycare up to their first heat cycle, and males can be until they are a year old, or show signs of it disrupting daycare (excessive mounting).

Dogs must attend a minimum of once a week, and consistently on the same day.

Again this is not a replacement for training, but a enhancement of training, and structure so the dogs can thrive!

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