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Do you love your dog, but you wish they'd just behave?

Do you not take your dog in public because they pull on the leash, jump on people, or even bark at other dogs and people?

Do they get really excited when visitors come over, and jump on them?

Or do you have a new puppy and want to prevent these behaviors from happening?

Maybe they already have started, maybe your puppy isn't fond of the crate, or has a hard time with potty training. 

I want to help you, and your dog reach their potential. I want to help you and your dog live a more enjoyable life together! 

Dog Training in the Park


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Closeup of a Black Dog
Golden retriever in training

Dog DaySchool Program

My Dog DaySchool Program takes the hard work at the beginning off your plate, I set the foundation so you can continue to grow the skills at home.

Dog Training

One-on-One Lessons

One-on-One lessons are available for you to learn how to create healthy boundaries and reach your goals with your dog, 

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Would you like a FREE Guide to get your dog to stop jumping on you? Click below to get access to my FREE Guide! 

Dog and toys

April Walker & Axl

"We got Axl (German Shepherd) as a puppy and I knew training would be a must.

I wanted him to be sociable when he grew up. I researched places and when I saw that my friends used her and also asking them I took Axl to The Bed & Biscuit for training.

Axl was enrolled in the My Best Friend program. When he got home my expectations were quite large but with working with Christina and going to the Monday night classes Axl is becoming quite successful.

Being a part of the training gives me more of a connection with Axl. I also was a non-believer of kennels/cages but now I would recommend them it helps making the training less stressful for both you and the dog."

German shepherd in training

"Being a part of the training gives me more of a connection with Axl"

German shepherd puppy

Puppy Classes

Puppy classes are catered to prevention and teaching pups to love the crate, potty training, handling skills, socialization, and more. To ensure you have an awesome pup when they grow up!

dogs walking

Continued Education

My "Walk This Way" continued education class is for all my graduates to continue working your skills around other dogs and people, in real life scenarios.

Karla Haynie & Banjo

"We enrolled our 3.5 month cattle dog puppy in the PupStart training program and it was a game changer!

Christina has a wealth of training knowledge and helped us correct so many challenging behaviors.

You can tell she really loves the work she does.

I can't recommend this course enough for any new puppy parents!"

Puppy and owner

..."the PupStart training program and it was a game changer!"

Start your dog training journey out right, and teach your dog how to be their best self!

Dog training in the park

Sonia Wood & Quinn

..."my 4 month old puppy now looks to me for guidance and what to do next!"

"Christina is amazing at what she does! She focuses on what you and your pup need the most and gets right to work setting you up for success. I love that she checked in with us throughout the week to see how things were going at home and was always happy to answer any questions we had. She is patient, knowledgeable, and willing to go the extra mile to help you and your dog succeed! Christina showed me the proper rules to put in place for our puppy and I am so thankful that we found her!! In just three weeks our puppy went from nipping at us, chewing on everything that was not hers to chew on, constant crying in her crate, to the sweetest calmest puppy who loves to sleep in her crate. Thanks to her, my 4 month old puppy now looks to me for guidance and what to do next! You won’t find any other trainer that wants to see your dog thrive just as much as you do!"

German shepherd puppy training
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