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The Bed & Biscuit

Dog Training, Daycare, Boarding & Grooming

Do You Want Your Dog To...


Walk On A Loose Leash?


Listen To You?


Greet People Nicely?

Puppy Play

I want to help you have the BEST relationship with your dog ever!

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Katie Rainville & Luna

"I am so thankful for Christina and her training."

“I can’t even express how thankful I am for Christina’s help with my dog luna! Luna has always been an anxious and nervous dog. With the help of Christina, Luna and I learned to work together. Luna was not a confident dog and would react to everything out of lack of confidence. Christina was able to help build Luna’s confidence and help her overcome many of her fears. Luna went into training unable to walk on any flooring or in any new spaces. within a few weeks of our training with Christina, Luna walked through an entire store with automatic sliding doors and weird flooring without pancaking herself to the floor. I am so thankful for christina and her training. she has helped turn Luna into a completely new dog who is confident and is able to enjoy walks with other dogs and able to visit new places..."

Katie and Luna.jpg

Are you experiencing....

... embarrassment from your dog pulling on the leash, or lunging and barking at people or other dogs?
... your dog barking, and whining in their crate?  
... your dog ignoring you while you are outside, like you don't exist, because the grass just smells so nice to them?
... your dog getting over excited when people come over? Or your dog begging at the table, or under your feet all the time?
... your dog blowing you off when you tell them to sit, down, or stay? Or maybe they know it at home, but not in other places?
... your dog playing keep away instead of coming to you?

... or maybe... 

Sgt James R. Lynch FCSO & Rosie

"I knew from the very beginning that I would need a trainer to help me with Rosie. YouTube videos were not going to cut it when it came to a high energy chocolate Lab from the wilds of Montgomery. Christina's name came up time and time again "she did great with Webster", "Loki is a completely different dog thanks to her." So, I spent the money and sent her away. After a week went by, I realized that the work had only just begun.

I began to realize that being a Trainer has as much to do with the behavior of the Dog as it does with the behavior of the handler, and that is where I think Christina shows how gifted she is. Watching for rewardable canine behavior while watching for correct Handler behavior in such a way as to allow a bond to be formed between Dog and Handler. I compare it to landing an F-18 on a pontoon boat.

But she does it, with grace, patience, and humor. With insight gained from experience and continuous improvement. We are grateful for the time Christina has spent with us and we honor that time by continuing to work on skills she has shown us."


The journey to the BEST relationship with your dog begins here!

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Alayna & Millie

"I am so thankful for Christina and her training."

“Nothing but good words for Christina, and her services!

I brought my Millie Girl here for board and train services with honestly no expectation (you would just have to know Millie to understand). I was blown away with the dog I left with. Millie left with several great qualities that I never thought she would have. There is follow through on your part when you bring your pup home but Christina sets a GREAT foundation that is almost fool proof with work on your part.

Christina is very available through email if you have any questions through the process.

I recommend this service to anyone that is wanting to see positive changes with your pup!

Staff at this facility is very loving toward your pup as well, you can tell they all take their job seriously as well as taking very great care of your furry friend!

I bring her name to anyone that I ever hear talking about dog training services!"

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Dog Daycare



"I wanted to write a review on Christina’s training at the Bed and Biscuit. I decided to join her best friends’ program with our dog Bauer. Bauer is a high energy, goofy, chocolate lab puppy. Bauer has been a great dog for us, but we really wanted to have him excel at being the best family dog he could be. I grew up with herding dogs who pick up quickly and always wanted to please and found Bauer’s training to be a challenge on my own, but with Christina’s help we set aside time for me to work with him one on one and taught not only Bauer new things but allowed me to learn along side of him. We worked on engagement work, play- specifically fetch, and recall, which he is great at now. We truly enjoyed the program and had a great experience working with Christina. We are thankful for her and know we have a lifetime support system with our dog. If you are on the fence or considering training for your dog I highly recommend checking out the training offerings at the Bed and Biscuit."


"We truly enjoyed the program and had a great experience working with Christina."

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